Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tiny ...available for tv interviews

I adore my cows, one of the books Ive done feature the story of my beloved Jazzy who was the best cow in the world and of my grief at Jazzy dying but of the legacy she left behind.

Tiny is one of those whom benefited from Jazzy. He is three years old now and named by my sister one Snowy Christmas. He really was a tiny scrap who like others had come in with a viral problem.I worked so hard saving him and the others but because the calves were born with a problem it was soul destroying. Tiny made it and one of the reasons was I became his mum and wouldnt let him fade away. I collected him at two days old from a Jersey dairy unit that had the calves shot and taken away by the hunt . I negotiated the lives of quite a few Jerseys from that place and quite a few still graze happily here content with the family they have grown into.
Tiny should have grown into a huge nervous ,aggresive beast living on borrowed time because by 2 yrs old nature takes over and you have a dangerous big Jersey living in your pocket.

No one told Tiny and so he has happily lived under the assumption he is one of us. He comes to all our barbecues, meets people alongside the Danes and recently he started to be a bit norty.
I have a neighbour called Eirion or Squibs to most people. He has a huge family of daughters,grandchildren and a wife who feeds and cares for everyone. Eirion is kind, helpful, trust worthy and extremely funny. If you have your back to the wall Eirion is the one person you want in your corner alongside Phillip Morrell.
Last Sunday I took Merion and his daughter over to meet the cows as they were in the far field sun bathing. We were there untill 8.15pm and then we left.
By 8.30 Tiny got lonely and took down a wall into Eirion's field. He proceeded quite quickly up to Eirions' house where he was spotted.
The problem is that Eirion although a dairy farmer is quite intimidated by Tiny. So Tiny got locked in a barn until I went to check it was him because I couldn't believe how fast he went from here to Eirions.
He looked very sad incarcerated so I went in with Daffyd the grandson to give Tiny big snogs. The next day we walked him back home.
Tiny just loves people and copes with situations far better than most dogs. He is very snugly and cuddly and I love him very much.

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