Friday, 6 June 2008

How to be safe in Dyfed Powys police area

In Dyfed Powys you only get guaranteed protection if you are a member of the police force or a free mason or usually welsh. Anyone who thinks I'm wrong is welcome to test the theory or have a look through all the evidence of my own case.
Terry Grange refused to record certain crimes.
Racism and hate crime were crimes that were not recorded.
I was told by the police what I could or could not put in a statement.
I was the one wrongfully arrested for tractor theft ( I have the letter of apology) after pressure was put on from a political source. Up until April I asked professional standards to investigate the AM involved. Mark Bleasedale who was then removed to Pembrokeshire was honest and approachable. He was investigating what happened to me.
After Mr Bleasdale was moved, the shutters came down and suddenly there was a block on me asking for my legal right of an investigation into wrong doing and I had no option but to move into Terry Granges house as a legal squatter,protesting that because of a series of "blunders" or "sinister moves" very like Terry Grange has been accused of in the above link, I could face losing my home. The reason is quite easily explained.

If you have two people in a debate with an audience

One person is given absolute help and the other told "its civil".
The one who is given absolute help wins because the one told its "civil" has no means of expressing or proving what has happened to them.
If you then consider that what was done to me was racist /hate crime,criminal damage and wrongful arrest and what I allegedly did to the other side was absolutely nothing that the police could charge me with its no wonder why there is outrage that Terry Grange walks away Scott free.
I have to give £40,000 to someone who made my life a living hell for.
Not supplying water to a field I don't own.
wrongfully evicting him from the barns when I didn't.
He left and I heard no more for several years.

If you then add to the mix politicians, crisis in farming, who never ever came here and fell over themselves to help him plus the police refusing to investigate you have a situation JUST like the one above in the BBC report.
I "think " I know exactly who the judge is that is being discussed just as I know exactly who Terry Grange was sleeping with in his love nest.

All anyone is asking is that these things are investigated and action taken but of course there is a whole chain of police, self promoting politicians and do gooders who don't now want to be liable for their "mistakes".
Putting my case to one side.

If the ex wife of the judge is correct.

There is a paedophile and possibly a paedophile ring operating out there with the blessing of the law. You may think it doesn't affect you but someone who talks to your child or grandchild may right this minute be abusing children and yours is next. If the ex wife is right this paedophile is beyond the laws reach.
Ive just been a guest on BBC radio fives talk show discussing squatting and you can hear it on listen again later

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